Passion for Great Beer

At our core, we hold the belief that exceptional beer hinges on the art of balance. It's this very philosophy that has inspired us to create two contemporary, harmonious lagers, designed to elevate every drinking experience.

Choose balance. Choose us.

Our Beers

Our flagship lager, boasting an inviting 4.4% ABV, epitomises our passion for balance, delivering a refreshingly easy-drinking and sessionable brew that never compromises on taste.

We also embrace moderation in drinking with our 2.2% ABV lager, offering low calories, low carbs, and low alcohol while maintaining the rich flavour of our 4.4% signature brew. Enjoy a world of taste during low-alcohol occasions.

Our Events

Stryda is gearing up to offer a variety of exciting experiences for beer enthusiasts across Australia. Keep an eye out for opportunities to connect with us, spend quality time together, and raise a glass of Stryda. We'll keep you posted on our upcoming events right here. Stay tuned!

Our Community

At Stryda, we are uniting a community of beer lovers who share an appreciation for great tasting, well balanced and sessionable Aussie beer.

We firmly believe that beer has the power to forge connections and leave indelible impressions, fostering lasting memories among those who gather around it.

With unwavering commitment, we are proud to share Stryda Beer with our fellow Australians, enriching the beer-drinking experience one sip at a time.